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Sample Tuneable Spider Multi-Band Antenna Sample Tuneable Spider Multi-Band Antenna
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Factory Pretuning Can't Do What Our Resonators Do


The Only Truly Modern HF Antenna

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Every HF antenna installation has its own characteristics, and the antenna must be tuned to fit them. Only the Spider Antenna with its patented tuning sleeves can be moved by the user to fit his or her own requirements. If the antenna is moved to a different installation, the Spider can always be retuned as needed. Logging scales provide for easy repositioning of the tuning sleeves when the antenna is used in more than one location.

The Spider Antenna has been specifically developed to let you enjoy your modern solid-state no-tuning transceiver to the utmost. These transceives do not require any tuning when changed from band to band and neither does the Spider Antenna. No more stopping to change or adjust the coils as on the old fashioned one-band-at-a-time antenna. This combination will give you the most pleasant and relaxed mobile operation that you have ever enjoyed - or even dreamed possible.

Features of the Spider Antennatrade mark

Made of Long Lasting Materials

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The metal parts of the Spider Antenna are made of anodized aluminum. The resonators are wound on fiberglass tubing except for the 40 and 75 meter, which are wound on unbreakable polycarbonate. The mast screws into any standard 3/8" X 24 threaded female bracket.

camper mountThe Most Versatile Multi-Band HF Mobile Antenna

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The Spider Antenna is ideal for all modes of mobile operation - automobile, truck, van, camper, travel trailer, motorhome, even boats on fresh water lakes; to name a few. Please rely on the Spider Maritimer for use on or near salt water. Of course while mobile, always keep your eyes on the road. A car accident could end in serious injury. A San Diego attorney can assit with most personal injury cases.

Ability to Operate Mobile Without Annoying QSBbumper mount

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Most mobile antennas us a large diameter, bulky coil which is tuned to a desired portion of the band with a flimsy, telescoping whip resulting in a tall, heavy antenna with considerable waving from side to side. This causes reports of QSB because as the antenna moves in relation to the vehicle body, it detunes the antenna. However, the short overall height (approximately 6 feet) and light weight (approximately 2 pounds) of the Spider Antenna lets you drive at any legal speed without worrying about troublesome QSB caused by antenna waving.

No Need for Antenna Tuner or Matching Network

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Sense our patented tuning sleeve method maintains a constant base impedance of approximately 50 ohms, the need for an antenna tuner or matching network at the base of the antenna is eliminated. Usually any reasonable length of 52 ohm coax cable may be used between the Spider Antenna and the transmitter for the transmission line.

Improved Signal to Noise Ratio

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Each resonator is covered with two layers of a tough and durable plastic. This eliminates much of the atmospheric interference, both natural and man made, thereby improving the signal to noise ratio on receiving.

Top Loading for Better Performance

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The Spider Antenna has the resonators at its top, but only one is resonate to the frequency you are using. The remaining resonators are so far off resonance with the transmitted frequency; that they present very little impedance, and do not take any power; but are top loading the system. This greatly improves the performance over center or bottom loaded antennas.

Factory Pretuning Can't Do What our Resonator Doestrade mark

Simple and Easy to Tuneresonator

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Tuning any one of the family of Spider Antennas is very easy. All you need is an SWR bridge or antenna noise bridge, whichever you prefer. Tuning the antenna is done by means of a tuning sleeve of unique and patented design which slides over the length of each resonator. Moving the sleeve in towards the mast, tunes the resonator higher in frequency, and moving it outward, away from the mast, lowers the resonate frequency. Changing the tuning of one of the resonators does not affect the tuning of the others. After initial installation, no further tuning is required!

Easy-to Read, Weather-Proof, Logging Scale

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Moving any mobile or portable antenna from one installation to another may require retuning of the resonators. For this reason the Spider resonator has an easy to read logging scale which provides quick reference for retuning in these instances. For example, on a vehicle the bottom edge of the tuning sleeve on a particular resonator may require being set at number 15, whereas on another installation the same sleeve may have to be set at number 25 to tune for minimum SWR at your desired frequency.

Good Band Width and Ample Power Handling

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The SWR is approximately 1:1 at the selected resonate frequency on each band with generous bandwidths before the SWR exceeds 1.5:1. The typical band widths are about 700 kHz on 10 meters, 450 kHz on 15 meters, 225 kHz on 20 meters, 30 kHz on 40 meters and 13 kHz on 75 meters. The family of Spider Antennas are conservatively rated at 200 watts PEP.

Typical SWR Curves for the Spider Antenna - See Graphic Chart

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These curves were plotted with the antenna mounted in a typical mobile installation. The minimum SWR is at the point indicated by the arrow on the chart. The desired resonate portion of each band may be selected by moving the tuning sleeve up or down the resonator to place the minimum SWR wherever you choose to transmit. The entire curve will move up or down the band according to where you have tuned by moving the sleeve for the minimum SWR.

An Ideal Antenna for Restricted Areas

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While the Spider Antenna was originally developed for mobile work, it has proved to be well suited for use in mobile home parks, apartments and condominiums. In most cases where covenant or space restrictions make it impossible to erect a conventional, fixed location antenna; the Spider Antenna will get you on the air with a respectable signal.

balcony mount

A good ground system is essential for satisfactory performance from any 1/4 vertical antenna. The metal skin of a mobile home or recreational vehicle makes a particularly perfect ground plane. A metal balcony railing also makes a good ground plane. If it is not metal, put some wire (insulated or bare) along the rail and mount the Spider Antenna to the railing using a mount of your choice. Another possibility is to lay some wire screen on the balcony floor and cover it with outdoor carpeting. Place the mounted antenna directly over this ground plane. This can also be done in a room or on a patio. Also, for a room; you may want to run some wire around the base board and place the mounted antenna near the corner. In all of these, and any installation, be sure the ground plane is connected to the shield of the 52 ohm coaxial transmission line.

roof mount

As shown in the picture, the Spider Antenna can be installed on a roof by using a mirror mounting bracket on a vent pipe or other suitable standard, and laying the radials out over the roof. You can secure the wires under the corner of the shingles or stick them down using a silicone caulk so they will not move in the wind. Do not mount the Spider Antenna on a tower because the ground plane must be near the bottom of the antenna.

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