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Sample Tuneable Spider Multi-Band Antenna Sample Tuneable Spider Multi-Band Antenna

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Sample Tuneable Spider Multi-Band Antenna Sample Tuneable Spider Multi-Band Antenna
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FOUR BAND HF MOBILEAntenna on car bumper

Four amateur bands at your command are as easy as band-switching your rig. The 10-, 15-, 20-, and 40-meter resonators are on the antenna at all times without changing taps, or whip adjustments. Very low SWR with ample band widths. Patented tuning sleeve is on each resonator matching 52 ohm coaxial cable without any matching device. Convenient logging scale is on each resonator for "memory" retuning of antenna when using in more than one installation. We also have an adapter collar available for adding up to three additional resonators for fixed station operation.. Additional resonators for the 12-, 17-, 30-, and 75-meter bands CW novice/technician band (3.700 - 3.750 MHz) by adjusting the capacitance screw outward on the 75-meter resonator. CW 80- meter adapter is also available for the CW portion (3.5 - 3.65 meters).

The Spider Antenna weighs about 2 pounds and is approximately 6 feet high including the 40- or 75- meter resonators. The 10-, 15-, and 20-meter resonators project out from the mast 12 to 22 inches and are 1/2" diameter.. The mast is 5/8" X 4' anodized aluminum tubing with a standard 3/8" X 24 stainless steel stud at the base end. The 10-, 15-, and 20-meter resonator is 3/4" diameter and about 19" long. The 75-meter resonator is 1 1/4" diameter and 21" long.

The Spider Dipole Antenna

Dipole Antenna

This antenna was designed because of the onslaught of covenant restrictions in new housing areas, but is well suited for many purposes. There is no need for a ground radial system or matching network with the use of the Spider Dipole Antenna.

The standard dipole comes with any bands of your choice (10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, or 75 meters). Additional bands (up to four total) may be added for multi-band operation. These antennas are made from the same high-quality materials as our multi-band mobile antennas.

The Spider Dipole Antenna horizontal element is 5/8" anodized aluminum, the length is approximately 13' including the resonators at each end of the horizontal element. The dipole can be mounted on a 1 1/4" diameter mast (not included) using a tripod for use on a patio, backyard, rooftop, or take-along portable antenna. The horizontal element should be about 12' above the ground. The dipole antenna can also be suspended inside an attic with monofilament line.

The Spider Maritimer Antenna

Consists of all the features and specifications of the Spider HF mobile antenna plus these added features for longer life in a salt water environment:

The mast is highly polished, non-magnetic, stainless steel. The top and bottom fittings are heavily nickel-chrome plated brass. An adapter collar (described below) is available for adding three marine frequencies to the existing four HF resonators.

The Spider Maritimer Antenna is not intended for "top of the mast" installation. It is preferably mounted on the transom or other location, where there is not a long distance to the ground system. Flat copper strap should be used between the base of the antenna and the ground system.

Water Craft

When operating the HF amateur bands on your boat, a good ground system is as important as a good antenna. Write for more detailed information. It's essential to have good communication abilities on your boat or yacht. There are Azimut Yachts for sale that have every modern convenience.

The Spider Maritimer Adapter Collar

This adapter collar is designed to be used in conjunction with the Spider Maritimer Antenna. The collar allows you to add three commercial marine frequencies, therefore providing seven frequencies at your command at one time, without changing resonators. There is no interaction between amateur frequencies and the commercial marine frequencies.

The collar is made of anodized aluminum. The resonators are standard Spider design and construction, using the patented Spider tuning sleeves. Please specify your exact frequencies for 8, 12, 16, or 22 MHz.

Spider Commercial Antenna

Included in the Spider Antenna family are our Commercial Frequency Antennas between 2 and 30 MHz for either mono- or multi-band operation. These antennas are specifically designed to meet your commercial application needs (e.g., base-station to mobile units) without using an antenna tuner. We will manufacture after we receive your order with the exact frequency specifications.

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